Danny Carlson Podcast – Ep 4 – Rony Hay – Virtual Summits

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Rony Hay

YouTube Version: https://youtu.be/ZG_K_6IpgBI

Interview with Rony Hay

Mastermind behind many virtual summits, an emerging trend in the world of digital nomads and remote workers, Rony Hay shares the experience of being a trailblazer in this burgeoning new style of event. If you’re looking to start a virtual summit of your own or if you’re simply interested in attending these events, this is not an episode to miss!

1:19 – Defining an online summit.

3:02 – What is the desired result from hosting a virtual summit?

4:27 – Do you need a strong email list in order to gather a strong summit?

8:38 – Networking in online summits.

10:08 – How much time and capital is reasonable for a first time summit host to invest?

13:05 – The process of putting together a virtual summit.

16:11 –  System used to keep track of summit preparing efforts.

17:38 – Other ways Rony promotes virtual summits.

19:41 – Tips regarding affiliates.

24:47 – The biggest mistakes made when launching a virtual summit.

28:40 – Best ways to structure a virtual summit and what is the ideal speaker/attendee ratio?

32:08 – Where to find Rony online.

32:30 – Rony’s advice for those looking get into virtual summits.


Rony’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/rony.hay.9

Information on virtual summits – http://leadnextgen.com/

Bombbomb – https://bombbomb.com/


Danny Carlson is a 27 year old entrepreneur & expert in Amazon Ecommerce. He started his first business producing extreme downhill skateboarding videos in 2014 as a way to fund travelling to & competing in more downhill races. After a near death experience racing in the Philippines, Danny dove headfirst into building an Amazon FBA business. After selling $200k in home & garden products his first 6 months, he founded Kenji ROI, an agency to help Amazon sellers create an advantage through product listings

Through psychologically driven copywriting/ keyword optimization, product photography, videos, EBC, & PPC Management, Kenji ROI has served over 541 Amazon sellers & built more than 862 listings from scratch.

Danny is also host of the Actualize Freedom Podcast with over 50 episodes, the Danny Carlson Podcast, and regularly speaks on live webinars, other podcasts, & business events around the globe.

Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson