Danny Carlson Podcast – Ep 6 – My Relationship Closing Ritual

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Danny Carlson

So this is possibly the scariest & certainly the most hippie/ Bali thing I have done in my life…

A few months ago I went through a breakup from a 5 month relationship, but I wanted to experiment with my feelings & mindset towards it.

I heard on a few podcasts about a relationship closing ceremony where the goal was to end things peacefully & without resentments.

Was it really possible to cut someone out of my life & leave only positive memories & genuine well wishes?

Especially when I was the one that got broken up with??? T

he answer turned out to be yes. In fact, I felt so drastically better after doing it, I decided I should share my experience with you guys… which to be honest is a pretty scary thing for me to share!

So how is a relationship closing ritual done?

Luckily she was open to it, and we met in a beautiful, quiet outdoor garden about 2 weeks after breaking up. We started by sharing the things that we appreciate the most about each other, the character traits, the quirks, the good things.

This ensured we could do the ceremony from a place of positivity. The default breakup mental state is to focus on all the reasons you don’t like that person. Not great for the mind!

Then we shared our favorite memories together. In past relationships I’ve let the good memories get overpowered by the bad ones & I didn’t want that to happen here. It was nice going over some of the great experiences & honoring them for still being great memories. Great memories are still great no matter what may happen afterwards!

Then we shared our vision for our own lives & the vision we see for the other person’s life going forward. Sharing from a place of honestly wanting the best for the other person was a powerful way to conclude the ceremony.

And it had a sense of finality to it, sharing what you see for the other person without you as part of that vision. After a long hug, we parted ways with smiles & a feeling of gratitude for having shared a beautiful experience together. Quite the contrast to the bitter exchanges, grudges, hurt, & resentments experienced in past breakups!

Overall the ritual felt quite ritualistic which I think is important for big changes in our lives. In western culture we rarely take time to honor these changes & are abruptly thrust into another reality without so much as telling a friend about it. It was nourishing to the mind and soul so hippie or not, I would recommend a relationship closing ritual to anyone going through a breakup.

1:15 – The closing

4:13 – The ritual

7:33 – Dispelling egoistic defense mechanisms

8:57 – The Work

11:18 – Personal examples of ego toxicity and the process of working through them

14:19 – Closing thoughts


The Work – https://thework.com/


Danny Carlson is a 27 year old entrepreneur & expert in Amazon Ecommerce. He started his first business producing extreme downhill skateboarding videos in 2014 as a way to fund travelling to & competing in more downhill races. After a near death experience racing in the Philippines, Danny dove headfirst into building an Amazon FBA business. After selling $200k in home & garden products his first 6 months, he founded Kenji ROI, an agency to help Amazon sellers create an advantage through product listings

Through psychologically driven copywriting/ keyword optimization, product photography, videos, EBC, & PPC Management, Kenji ROI has served over 541 Amazon sellers & built more than 862 listings from scratch.

Danny is also host of the Actualize Freedom Podcast with over 50 episodes, the Danny Carlson Podcast, and regularly speaks on live webinars, other podcasts, & business events around the globe.

Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson