Freedom Agency Blueprint

Build a digital agency supplying your existing skills to other businesses & get your first high value client in 43 days.

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Freedom Agency Blueprint is a program for people who want more financial, time, & location freedom in their lives providing the blueprint, accountability, & mentor ship needed to turn their existing skills into a location independent digital agency with a team that does the work for you.

Students are guided through the 7 essential projects for building an agency that serves the financial, time, & location independence needs of their dream lifestyle. Building a business around your life, not the other way around.

We focus on each student’s existing skills, network, & knowledge to drastically improve results in a shorter time rather than teaching everyone to build the exact same type of agency.

The ideal student for this course has a strong desire to work from where they want, on their own schedule, & actually get paid what they’re worth.

I strongly believe that building a digital agency is the fastest, lowest risk, & most reliable way to gain control over your work in a way that maximizes the freedom you want in your life.


*PLEASE NOTE: for the first few months, this will be a much smaller, tighter knit group and I will be giving more one on one attention to all students. So if this text is still here, you will be one of the early adapters who gets to benefit from this in addition to everything below.

  • Over 30 Video Training Modules (learn at your own pace)
  • Done For You Templates: (saves you dozens of hours and thousands of dollars)
    • My exact task management system I use to manage myself & a team of 6
    • My employee hiring checklists, job posting, training, & onboarding templates I use to reliably hire top talent
    • My CEO duty templates for managing payroll, weekly goal setting & performance review
    • My exact email templates I’ve used to close more than $250,000 in business last year & nail collaborations with big influencers
  • Worksheet PDFs designed with specific exercises to help you craft your key messaging, angles, niche, & crush your marketing copy.
  • Weekly Q&A Calls with direct access to ask Danny anything and receive direct feedback. Any roadblock can be overcome with the right guidance.
  • Private Student Community Group with all other members on the same journey as you. Many students say the connections and shared knowledge of this group is worth the cost of the course alone.

30 Day Action Based Refund Guarantee

We have a 30 day action based refund guarantee. As long as you follow these steps and you still want a refund, get a 100% refund by emailing [email protected] with “refund” in the email subject line.

Action Based Guarantee Terms

  1. Watch at least the first 2 weeks of videos,
  2. Attend a live Q&A session to get help
  3. Make a post in group asking for help or guidance

These are all easy to do and it’s designed like this so everyone gives the course a fair shot! Part of my job as a mentor is to help new entrepreneurs break through self doubt, fear, and uncertainty when starting their businesses and some students just need a nudge to break through and get the success on the other side.

How did THIS guy build build a location independent business with no degree, money, or formal education?

Young Danny


Yep, young Danny boy was a party-happy, adrenaline seeking machine hell bent on killing brain cells like it was a video game.

Boy have things changed in just a handful of years. Below is me now, living in Bali playing acro & managing a remote team of 6 full time employees.

Current Danny

Danny carlson
danny carlson entrepreneur

For 6 years I was a carpenter with more A-hole bosses than I could count. 

I hated leaving for work at 6am in the pouring rain, showing up to the same job site every day with people I didn’t like, making less money than my peers even though I worked smarter & harder. 

Many times I asked for a raise & got a NO, even though I was the best carpenter on the “team.” I’d ask for time off to compete in longboard races but was refused.

There were times I was so sick I wanted to puke but showed up anyway because I couldn’t afford to miss a day of work.

To escape my 9-5 I’ve tried: 

  • Pinching every penny
  • Starting a media production company
  • Blowing up an ecommerce business.

I’ve failed at a lot of things… but I’ve always refused to let failure get the final word.

My first businesses did NOT go well, but on my 3rd attempt I stumbled upon what I think is the best, safest, & easiest first business anyone can make profitable within just a few months of hard work.

My name is Danny Carlson & 3 years ago I quit my construction job forever. Today I’ve built 2 six figure businesses, including one that earns more than $40k per month, I live in Bali surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs. 

I have an incredible community of other online entrepreneurs as friends & enjoy acroyoga, dance, & gymnastics strength training in my time away from the computer.

I am so incredibly grateful for the life I have today, but it definitely did NOT start out like this…

Working construction was killing my soul...

3 years ago I was waking up every day at 5:30am to commute 45 minutes & stand in the Vancouver rain building mansions for rich guys…. hardly fulfilling.

Some days I felt so dead in my job I would pretend to work, then tuck away scrolling Instagram photos of anything that was NOT this.

You couldn’t force me to care if you paid me $200,000 a year. I absolutely hated it. The only thing that dragged me out day after day was saving up money to travel & compete in downhill skateboard races. I was totally hooked on that.

The cycle of save > travel > save > travel was emotionally taxing.

The highs of exploring Norweigian Fjords quickly followed by the drudgery of rolling out power cords in the rain.

Every time I returned from an incredible trip I became depressed, knowing it would be months until I could afford to leave again.


working in the Vancouver rain sucked...

I needed another way to make income so after breaking my collarbone longboard racing in Puerto Rico, I used my time off to start a media production company to make cash on the side while travelling.

I made videos of myself & friends then sold them to our sponsors. After a few years of side hustling, I landed a contract for $6k to create a 6 part video series in Japan.


My dream had come true! Or so I thought.


I was getting paid to travel & longboard & was PUMPED. There were so many incredible experience from that period of my life. 


ripping a one way downhill road in Japan!

I came back from a 2.5 month skate trip to the Philippines & Japan with more money than when I left … but I felt kind of depressed.

The second I’d reached my goal I realized it wasn’t what I’d imagined. It still felt like just another job, & not a good paying one at that.

But the worst thing about it was I had diminished my passion for longboarding. It started to feel like a job & I was doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Riding with friends was “training,” meeting new people was “networking,” & exploring new roads was “planning my next video.” It drained the fun straight out of it & without that… why was I doing it?

I realized in that moment making my passion my income was not the answer. I needed something that would allow me the freedom to spend time on my passions but also the financial freedom.

At that point I’d been listening to podcasts about online business for a few years already so I knew it was an option, but I didn’t know where to start. It was a mystical world that I was called to explore but seemed so foreign to how I “knew” the world worked.

I knew that one day I would have to just choose a path and go for it… but when?

I may never have had to courage if it weren’t for a near death experience while racing longboards in the Philippines, 2 inches from death…

The Moment That Changed My Life Forever...


Yep, that’s a real picture of me…

This was supposed to be a closed race, but somehow there was a motorcycle coming up the road. Faced by a wall of 6 longboarders, he has not option but to swerve off the road, cutting me off (luckily figuratively and not literally)!


Every day is a bonus to me now. I’m truly grateful to be alive.


I walked back to the top of the course, too shaken to finish my run. 

Sitting there, all I could think was “I almost never got the chance to start the next phase of my life, to start that online business.” Clarity struck me across the face like a 20lb sack of rice. My old excuses now felt weak and empty… the time was now.

Before I even landed back in Canada I was putting the wheels in motion.


I was going all in on Amazon FBA, my first online business. I wasn’t going to take a single day for granted.

I was possessed, within 3 months I had invested all my money & then some in education & inventory to sell.

Virtually every minute of spare time went into building a business that would free me from trading time for money.

my translator on my first China trip


My first 2 product launched on Amazon at the same time.

One Failed, and one sold $10k USD in it’s first month. A month later I was flying to China to source 4 new products!

By this time, I’d developed the skill set of writing highly optimized Amazon listings for myself, so I started doing it for some friends for side cash.

It started as just me freelancing, then I could afford to hire a virtual assistant, then a keyword assistant!

Society had lied to me my whole life...

I never had examples of entrepreneurs in my life, so I always thought starting a business took more time & money than I was willing to give.

You had to have no life, directly trade happiness for money.

The school system doesn’t even breathe the word “entrepreneur” let alone prepare you to become one. As someone whose personality naturally fits entrepreneurship, I felt betrayed by the system.


I was deeply depressed in high school… 


I saw my only options for future career path as either…

A: Go to University on a student loan to get some job I don’t like
B: Work in the trades & get some job I don’t like

Then work for 50 years until I could one day afford to retire and sit around.

No wonder I was depressed!

me in highschool... I smoked back then
I was what you'd call a troubled youth

I never thought starting a business was an option. That was for kids with rich parents or people who had no life!

Well lucky for us today the internet, software, & easy access to cheap overseas talent makes starting a business today the easiest & cheapest it’s ever been.

We can’t blame the previous generation for not steering us towards entrepreneurship because for them, it was much more difficult!

Software tools that make work faster, easy access to cheap overseas contractors, YouTube videos & podcasts that teach business skills for FREE.

Entrepreneurs of the past could not dream this up, it’s truly incredible.


Regular jobs have always felt suffocating to me…

No matter how hard I worked, I made the same amount of money each day.

I’d create ways of doing my job more effectively… too bad, stick to protocol! My bosses never rewarded creativity, I was just a pawn building their empire for THEM.

Some days I’d get my work done early so I had to find ways to look busy & waste a few hours.

In the construction industry the normal markup for labor is 100%, meaning if I was making $30 an hour, my boss was charging the client $60!

Half of every dollar I made was going to my boss!

Fact is… working a 9-5 job will never make you rich or allow the freedom working for yourself can.

Quitting my 9-5 Job Forever!

After 3 months of hard work growing my agency, I quit carpentry forever, what a beautiful day that was! 

I hung my carpentry college diploma above my desk in the office as a reminder of what I had overcome and what awaited me if I failed.

Kenji ROI’s copywriting services were selling consistently over $10k per month, so I expanded to start offering product photography to my clients and exploded our average customer value, doubling within 2 months.

My podcast was picking up steam and the connections I was making were turning into profitable, growing my credibility, reach, & revenue.

I then expanded to offer graphics & video, rounding off the team for building complete Amazon listings, the only agency of it’s kind specifically targeting Amazon Sellers.

We now bring in $40k per month with a team of 6 full time staff + part timers. Our killer operations manager Jay keep the ship running smooth, and sales wizard Phil keeps the money rolling in!

One of the best things about growing an agency is how lean & profitable it is compared to most business models. 

We require very little physical equipment to get our work done using our laptops, internet, basic software, but most importantly procedures & people to create value for our clients. 

I was able to keep the business profitable all the way through the journey without having to get loans for equipment, special certifications, or product inventory. 

It kept the risk level very low & made growth predictable.

How I Built my Freedom Through a Digital Services Agency

I’ve created a program teaching how to start & grow a location independent agency to $20k per month.


It’s the exact blueprint that worked for me without all the expensive, time wasting mistakes I’ve made.


It took me 3 years to grow to $40k per month, but if you avoid the mistakes I made it’s likely you can achieve it in far less. 

Realistically I think I would be about a year ahead if I had figured out 1 or 2 key things sooner. Plus, I was a carpenter for 6 years with zero online business experience so I had a large learning curve to overcome.


Program Overview

1. I cover how to grow a business that will earn you more financial freedom so you can afford to live how you want without compromise.

2. How to design your business for freedom so you can live anywhere, travel, & work on your own schedule, following your body’s natural energy.

3. How to design processes, systems, & delegate the work so your business generates money whether you show up to work or not on any given day.

4. Overcoming mental obstacles, uncertainty, doubt, laziness so you can have the energy to work towards your goals every single day.

5. Guidance, clarity, & direction on what to do in what order to build a successful location independent agency from someone who has done it, so you can be confident your efforts are moving you forward, not backward.

This is all in the format of video modules, weekly Q&A calls with direct access to ask me questions and get direct feedback, and a private student community.


Course Overview & Mindset Hacks

  • Onboarding & Expectations (7:53)
  • Productivity Hacks Masterclass (32:17)
  • Setting Up Canadian Business and Bank Account Structures for International Business (6:37)
  • Student Resources & Recommended Additional Reading

Stage 1: Foundational Niche Offer & Messaging

  • Agency Models to Choose From (18:23)
  • Choosing Based on Existing Skills (10:41)
  • Craft Your Core Niche Service Offer (19:25)

Stage 2: Launch Your Minimum Viable Offer

  • Your First Client from Zero: Ground Rules (15:43)
  • The RVSC: Research Value Sell Calls
  • The Organic Facebook Traffic Funnel (27:25)
  • The Core Software Systems (23:26)

Stage 3: Stack-able Lead Generation: The Marketing Matrix

  • The Reach Out Ritual (8:44)
  • Creating an Effective Website (22:02)
  • Your 3 Pillar Blog Posts (15:14)
  • Lead Magnet Funnel: Turn Traffic Into Leads (10:30)
  • Essential Email Automation Sequences (13:58)
  • Application Funnel: Qualify & Nurture Inbound Leads (20:43)

Stage 4: Converting Leads to Buyers: Build a Reliable Sales System

  • Leveraging Referrals, Testimonials, & Case Studies
  • Sales Automation Process & Systems
  • Email Templates for Reliably Effective Sales & Customer Service
  • Linkedin Sales Mastery
  • Sales Call Mastery
  • The Art of Closing Deals by Email

Stage 5: The People Machine: Outsource & Systematize

  • Key Contractors: Your Risk-Free Team (27:55)
  • Your First Hire: General Virtual Assistant (27:33)
  • Creating Effective Standard Operating Procedures (17:18)
  • Essential Team Management Systems (25:46)

Stage 6: Horizontal Expansion: Increase Lifetime Customer Value

  • Options for Expansion: Internal White Label and Freelance Partners (12:04)
  • Expand Your Offers Sell More to Existing Clients (11:54)
  • New Offer Launch Formula (25:34)
  • New Offer Creation Template (6:20)

Stage 7: Scale Up Marketing & Next Level Operations

  • Podcasting Strategic Networking Weapon (18:06)
  • Post Podcast Networking Conversation - Live Example (4:44)
  • Build Your Content Marketing Machine (21:02)
  • Build an Affiliate Army (14:00)
  • The Holy Grail: Operations Manager (29:52)
  • The Weekly Scorecard Vital Insight System (11:12)

Who is this opportunity for?

  • People with an existing skill they can monetize
  • Ambitious people willing to work hard for their freedom
  • Tried other online business models like dropshipping or Amazon FBA without success
  • Hardworking freelancers struggling to find consistent clients
  • Baby boomers ready to finally break out & work for themselves

Who is this opportunity NOT for? 

  • People who blame others for their own failures
  • People looking to “get rich quick” without hard work
  • People not willing to invest in their future success
  • People who constantly opportunity hop and never commit to making one thing work
  • Non action takers

I only accept students that I’m confident will be a win-win and are the right fit for the program so enrollment is by application.

To apply, fill out a brief survey and schedule a call to see if you’re a good fit to smash it with your own service based digital agency in 2020.

30 Day Action Based Refund Guarantee

We have a 30 day action based refund guarantee. As long as you follow these steps and you still want a refund, get a 100% refund by emailing [email protected] with “refund” in the email subject line.

Action Based Guarantee Terms

  1. Watch at least the first 2 weeks of videos,
  2. Attend a live Q&A session to get help
  3. Make a post in group asking for help or guidance

These are all easy to do and it’s designed like this so everyone gives the course a fair shot! Part of my job as a mentor is to help new entrepreneurs break through self doubt, fear, and uncertainty when starting their businesses and some students just need a nudge to break through and get the success on the other side.


When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. You also get lifetime access to the private student community and group Q&A calls. I know that life sometimes gets in the way and people need to put things on hold, so if that happens the full force of the program is still here for you when you’re ready to pick things back up.

Do you have a refund guarantee?

We have a 30 day action based refund guarantee. As long as you follow these steps and you still want a refund, get a 100% refund by emailing [email protected] with “refund” in the email subject line.

Action Based Guarantee Terms

  1. Watch at least the first 2 weeks of videos,
  2. Attend a live Q&A session to get help
  3. Make a post in group asking for help or guidance

These are all easy to do and it’s designed like this so everyone gives the course a fair shot! Part of my job as a mentor is to help new entrepreneurs break through self doubt, fear, and uncertainty when starting their businesses and some students just need a nudge to break through and get the success on the other side.

Is this program for brand new beginners who know nothing about business?

A very small portion of the program is dedicated to bringing people with zero experience in online businesses up to speed, but 99% + is designed in a way that even students who already run successful agencies at the $10k per month level or below will be able to take and immediately improve their results. We start with foundational things like messaging, niching down, and crafting the perfect offer, but 95% of agencies at this level are at best 50% optimized in these areas… and they are extremely important to growing to $20k per month and beyond. So to answer this question, anyone between brand new beginner and $10k per month agency or freelancer will get massive value out of the material in this course.


DC Profile

Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson is a 27 year old entrepreneur & expert in Amazon Ecommerce. He started his first business producing extreme downhill skateboarding videos in 2014 as a way to fund travelling to & competing in more downhill races. After a near death experience racing in the Philippines, Danny dove headfirst into building an Amazon FBA business. After selling $200k in home & garden products his first 6 months, he founded Kenji ROI, an agency to help Amazon sellers create an advantage through product listings.

Through psychologically driven copywriting/ keyword optimization, product photography, videos, EBC, & PPC Management, Kenji ROI has served over 541 Amazon sellers & built more than 862 listings from scratch.

Danny is also host of the Actualize Freedom Podcast with over 50 episodes, the Danny Carlson Podcast, and regularly speaks on live webinars, other podcasts, & business events around the globe.